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AI-Based DNA Information Amplification Solution ‘Genealogy Inc.’ Selected by TIPS Program

On the 3rd, Genealogy Inc. (CEO Andrew Chi) announced that it was finally selected for the TIPS program, a private investment-led technology start-up support program. Genealogy Inc. is a bioinformatics startup that extracts high-resolution DNA data from simple DNA test (SNP test) data. We are developing an algorithm that predicts the genotype and genotype of HLA using the original data of the simple genetic test (SNP test). Through this, it is solving the problem of the existing HLA (histocompatibility antigen) genotyping, which is expensive and time-consuming. The HLA genotyping test is essential before blood transfusion and organ transplant surgery and is also essential for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and atopy. In the United States alone, there is a need for over 2 million direct tests per year. Recently, Covid-19 infection has become prevalent, interest in human immunity is increasing, and demand for related technologies is rapidly increasing. As Genealogy Inc’s DNA information amplification solution targets the HLA genotype, the gene that has the greatest influence on human immunity, we are also looking for ways to utilize it in the future. “We are a team of experts in the bioinformatics field and experts in the global IT business field, and it is very positive that real technology is very likely to be implemented. It seems to be evaluated. ” “We are developing ‘HLA matching service for hematologic cancer patients,’ which can find out whether patients and their families are matched online, without expensive DNA testing,” said Han Beom, associate professor of Seoul National University Medical School, who is in charge of Genealogy Inc., “With this TIPS program, the development of related services such as a platform for general purpose genetic testing data and an AI-based DNA information prediction system for confirming immunogenotype matching will be accelerated.” Original Article:

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